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What does BIPOC stand for?

The term BIPOC refers to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. It is primarily used in America to symbolize unity between communities of color.


Why do BIPOC travelers need to be included in the travel industry?

In 2019, Black travelers contributed nearly $160 billion, Hispanic travelers spent $113.9 billion, and Asian travelers spent about $254 billion on travel. In addition, a survey from MMGY Global found that most minorities, particularly Black individuals, are concerned about diversity in the travel industry and that it affects their travel decisions. These results, including how much revenue BIPOC communities contribute to the tourism industry, reveal how important inclusion is.


What are some reasons why members within BIPOC communities don’t travel abroad or domestically?

A few reasons BIPOC individuals avoid traveling abroad or within America include safety reasons, racial profiling, and feeling unwelcomed due to lack of representation in the tourism workforce and marketing industry itself.


How would travel companies benefit from a more diverse workforce?

The benefit of focusing on diversity is that it can increase revenue for companies. Marginalized communities desire to travel but feel unrepresented. For BIPOC travelers to feel more welcomed and travel more, the industry should start by hiring more of these individuals. Additionally, it can also benefit employees, allowing them to better comprehend and interact with people from different cultures.


How would tourist destinations benefit from focusing on increasing diversity?

Increasing diversity within the tourism industry would benefit tourist destinations worldwide by generating primarily more economic revenue. In many countries, the tourism industry impacts their GDP, so the more people who travel, the more money destinations can bring in. Other benefits include:

●  Adding diverse cultural perspectives

●  Increasing cultural sensitivity

●  Increasing insight and local knowledge.


What are some ways you can help increase diversity within the tourism industry?

There are many ways to join the mission to increase diversity within the tourism industry. If you work for a travel company or are a travel brand, hiring BIBOC individuals and implementing marketing strategies utilizing marginalized communities is highly recommended. For travelers and everyone else interested in this cause, spread the word online, in your communities, and most importantly, on your thrilling adventures!

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