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  • Jes Bellamy

Take That Leap!

It's the month of love, and if you ask me, the world could use much more of it. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected billions worldwide, including me. Yet, despite this pandemic, some good has come out of it.

Personally, I have recognized the true love that surrounds my family, friends, and myself. Sadly, it took me moving across America and the COVID-19 pandemic to realize this. This is why I highly recommend taking risks in life, such as traveling more or moving to a new location, particularly one that brings you out of your comfort zone a bit. It can potentially introduce you to new ways of living and experiences and allow you to grow in ways you never thought you would have.

A change of scenery can change your life if you allow it to. As for me, I never truly knew what love meant until I lived in a brand new city during a life-crippling pandemic. Whether it was making sure my loved ones were safe from afar, having deep talks about mental health, or even showing vulnerability to close friends, I learned to be grateful for the people I once took for granted. Somehow moving away taught me to be thankful for my roots. With that, I also learned that it's okay to not be perfect, and by accepting my flaws, I learned to love myself more.

Now, I am not saying that you must move to a new location to find love, live life to the fullest, or love yourself more; you can find these things anywhere and anytime in life... if you choose to. However, moving to a new area has helped me recognize this and love myself more.

There is a lot to learn by moving to a brand new place by yourself and pretty much starting over. It comes with new adventures and challenging times. Some of these adventures you expect and some you don't expect; the expected is nice and easily dealt with, but the unexpected leaves a lasting impression on you.

Ultimately, if you're like me, you try to live life to the fullest and take advantage of every opportunity; it also may take a lot to stop the hustle and bustle of your life. It might even take, let's say, a global pandemic…but once you do, and you're in the place where you need to be, somehow, life surprises you with the unexpected. It gives you what you truly desire. Whether it's finding that special someone, coming up in your career, quitting that job you hate to follow your passion, gaining deeper friendships, getting closer to your family, or the best of all! loving yourself more...Whatever it is, take that leap! I know you can do it.


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