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  • Jes Bellamy

Quick Trips: 1 day in Iceland

When it comes to taking small or quick trips, it is essential to try and fit everything in that is your priority. As a flight attendant, we typically have up to 2 days to tour our destinations, making us pros at taking quick trips. So, maybe you are just passing through the city, have limited time to travel, or are on a cruise visiting the city. Either way, getting the most out of your trip is what's important. 


If you are looking for a quick trip that's not too expensive and an easy vacation filled with nature, open space, and tranquility, then Iceland is the place for you! Going there was quite different because I only had one day to spend there, but I made the most out of that day (and night) and had one of the most exciting times in my life. I ended up going there in June of 2019, and in my opinion, June is the best time to go to Iceland if you're not into the snow and cold. The only con with going in June is you can't see the northern lights.

The weather during that time was about 65 degrees, which is considered summer in Iceland. Any other time of the year is cold, and you only get a few hours of sunlight. Also, during Iceland's summer, you witness this phenomenon where the sun doesn't go down all day! It'll be 1 am, the sun will shine bright, and people will walk around as if it's nothing.

Where to Stay and Money

To provide some quick facts, I stayed at a boutique Hilton Hotel in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The hotel is expensive, but there are plenty of other options for housing in Iceland, like hostels or vans (yes... I said vans). It's also easy to get around Iceland; you can walk anywhere in Reykjavik or rent a car. Also, everyone knows English, and the people are very friendly, making it easy to get around. In total, for one day in Iceland, I spent approximately $150 US Dollars (excluding flight and hotel), which is pricey but doable.

Attractions and Tours

Depending on the time of year, there is so much you can do in Iceland in one day. One of the most popular things is the Blue Lagoon, a popular tourist attraction that costs about $100. You can also rent a van with a bed and explore the country on your own terms. There are endless things to do; just make sure you know your budget and have a plan for the day.

Iceland is not a cheap country; in terms of prices, it's close to Switzerland, which can be extreme. At the time, I knew I couldn't afford the Blue Lagoon and didn't want to rent a van for just one day. As a result, I talked to the receptionist at my hotel, who recommended the most amazing tour.

One of the best things I did while in Iceland was do the Golden Circle Tour, which my hotel recommended. It is on the cheaper side of things to do in Iceland, which is great if you're like me and are on a budget. At the time, the tour only cost me 50 US Dollars, which was not too bad, and you get a lot out of it.

You get a nice air-conditioned van, a tour guide fluent in English, and most importantly, a guide who knows the country's history in-depth.

During this tour, you get to see the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall (If you are a sucker for a waterfall, just wait till you see this beauty!), and Thingvellir National Park. All magnificent sites to visit. The tour probably took about 7 hrs; it starts at 6 pm (pretty late) and doesn't end till about 1 am. You get a few bathroom breaks, but I recommend eating beforehand because most food places are closed. The fantastic thing about this specific tour is that it's only during the summertime when the sun doesn't go down. It was a weird experience because when I returned to the hotel at about 1:30 am, the sun was still up, people were still out, and I had a flight to catch at 7 am! Good stuff. Luckily, I got some sleep in the van during the tour.

If I haven't convinced you and you still are asking yourself, should I go to Iceland? The answer is YES. Iceland is one of the most beautiful and untouched countries, and you can experience this beautiful place in a short time span. There are so many cool facts about the country; for instance, 80 percent of that country is uninhabitable!.. Crazy right? Also, If you're not interested in anything I've mentioned and are a true risk taker, see the Northern Lights in the wintertime. It is a pricy trip, but I've heard it's phenomenal! All I am saying is that there is so much to see in Iceland; just have a budget and a plan!

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