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  • Jes Bellamy

Quick Trips: 1 day in The Emerald City!

When it comes to taking small or quick trips, it is ideal to try and fit everything in that is your priority. As a flight attendant, we typically have up to 2 days to tour our destinations, making us pros at taking quick trips. So, maybe you are just passing through the city, have limited time to travel, or are on a cruise visiting the city. Either way, getting the most out of your trip is what's important. 


I recently traveled to Seattle, Washington and was surprised by how modern and well-maintained this city is. Before traveling here, I only heard complaints about the weather and its not-so-great condition, but despite these negative reviews, I found Seattle to be one of the best U.S. cities I've visited in a while, and I highly recommend you check it out, too!

Lodging and Transportation

I went in August, which is one of Seattle's warmest months. Any other time, the city is known to be very cold and rainy. I stayed at the Marriot Hotel near the airport. However, there are dozens of other airport hotels to pick from within walking distance of the train, which is what I took. The train ride to University Street Station took about 40-60 minutes and only cost about $3. Once downtown, you can pretty much walk everywhere to see all the sights. But make sure you have your walking shoes on!


I began at the waterfront pier, about a 10-minute walk from the university train station, and I saw the Seattle Great Wheel Ferris wheel.

From the waterfront, I walked to Pike Place Markets, which took about 7 minutes. I walked through the little shops in the building. This place was like a blast to the past; the vibe was very 90s-ish, and it was nice to see all the little niche shops. From there, I walked to the outside portion of the markets, where the fisherman did their fish tossing, and you could choose from many seafood places to eat.

I then stopped at the first Starbucks, right across the street in Pike Place. I would've gotten a drink there, but the line was enormous, and with my limited time, I didn't want to wait. So instead, I went to an ice cream shop called Chocolate & Ice Cream Delight beside it and got some coffee ice cream. The employees there were very kind! After that, I walked to the famous gum wall. It was both disgusting and cool at the same time. Remember to bring a piece of gum if you want to contribute to the wall.

After the gum wall, it was about a 20-minute walk to The Space Needle. The walk was reasonably quick, and I felt safe the whole time. Tickets for the Space Needle were $30 at the door, and the lines inside were pretty long, so be prepared to wait a bit. You can also buy your tickets online.

I recommend spending an extra few dollars to go up the Space Needle. You get to see some stunning views, and it's fun because the glass floor spins slowly while you're standing on it. If you're scared of heights, this may not be for you.

After touring the Space Needle, I walked to The Spheres, a modern building with a botanical garden inside, and then took an Uber to Kerry Park. Unless you want to walk 40 minutes, I suggest you Uber here. It is worth it because you get a good view of the Space Needle and the city, which I really wanted to see. To note, it is a small park and gets crowded pretty quickly, so be prepared for that.

As a whole, I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful this city is, and I will return to explore other areas of Washington ... just only when it is not raining!


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