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  • Jes Bellamy

Quick Trips! London is Calling ☎️

When it comes to taking small or quick trips, it is ideal to try and fit everything in that is your priority. As a flight attendant, we typically have up to 2 days to tour our destinations, making us pros at taking quick trips. So, maybe you are just passing through the city, have limited time to travel, or are on a cruise visiting the city. Either way, getting the most out of your trip is what's important. 


One of my favorite quick trip destinations is London, England. It's one of the places I've been to the most, and I never get tired of it. You can turn London into a full-blown week-long vacation or visit for one to 2 days. There is so much to learn and do in this unique city, filled with rich history and exciting new ways of living.

Where to Stay

London has many nice hotels and Airbnbs, all within decent price ranges. With that being said, If you have a quick trip there, my main recommendation is to stay centrally located Downtown. Doing this will help cut the cost of transportation and allow you to save time when exploring.


London is one of the easiest cities to navigate (way easier than NYC, for sure!) You can take the bus, train, Uber, taxi, or even walk! Each mode of transportation is easy to use or do, especially the train and bus, which take "tap" on your credit card or phone! 

It's important to note that London's traffic can be terrible, even worse than Los Angeles' at times. If you have tours or a limited time, plan your travels in advance and leave early. This will help you get around heavy traffic.

Tours and Sightseeing

The hop-on-hop-off bus is one of my favorite tours, and I always take my family and friends on it in London. I love this tour because it shows you all the sights for about $40, and you can get on and off the bus whenever you please without over-exhausting yourself! On my first visit, I walked everywhere, and it was a great experience, but my feet needed some TLC afterward, so I highly recommend taking this tour to save your feet!

Some of my favorite sights to see are:

Other Tour Suggestions

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour - Tickets for this tour are tough to get; it is always sold out. However, if you are planning ahead, it's worth it to try to get tickets.

Stonehenge - An interesting world heritage site to see and a mysterious landmark that began 5,000 years ago!


In my opinion, the best dishes to try in London are the Asian cuisines! I also really enjoy their high/afternoon tea events, meat pies, and fish and chips!

Check out some popular restaurants here!

Ultimately, visiting London as a quick trip is never a bad idea!


Enjoy this TikTok from one of my London trips!


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